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The Ajax Story

Hans Boelstler was born on June 18th, 1902 and grew up in the town of Bomenkirch, Germany, located 95 kilometers east of Stuttgart. Possessing a keen attention to detail, strong aptitude for mathematics, and an intellectual curiosity with how things worked; Hans entered into a local apprenticeship program for aspiring tool & die makers.

In 1918, with World War I coming to a close, political uncertainty in Europe, Hans made a big decision in his life. With his apprenticeship coming to a close in a just a couple years; in 1922, Hans made the decision to leave his family behind and emigrate to Argentina. Once there, Hans’ skills as a Tool-Maker caught the attention of Ford Motor Company and shortly thereafter, began what would become a lasting and successful career as a talented Tool & Die Maker.

Hans’ ultimate goal was to eventually set up roots in the United States, however, without a US Sponsor, that goal would have to wait. The wait wasn’t long as in just over a year’s time, Han’s excellent work with Ford Motor Co. paid off and he finally had a sponsor that would pave the way for his entry to the US.

Once in the US, Hans continued working for Ford, however an opportunity with more responsibility presented itself with the LA Young Company and Hans took advantage of it. While employed with LA Young, Hans was able make trips back to Germany to visit family. On one trip he eventually met his future wife Alwine, and in 1929, she joined him in the US.

It was at BGR where Hans designed unique four-slide tooling/machine for machine gun clips during WWII. He worked with the AH Nilson Machine Company to help them design a four-slide tool that would be able to produce assembled gun clips that to this day a design that is still being fully utilized. Hans’ innovative approach to manufacturing and tool and die design as well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit eventually paved the way for the beginning of Ajax Spring & Manufacturing Company, based in Madison Heights, MI.

Founded in 1954, Ajax continues to exemplify Hans’ commitment to providing quality stampings and tooling as well as a strong commitment to exceeding customer expectations. Ajax is currently managed by 2nd and 3rd generation Boelstler’s who take great pride in not only understanding and appreciating the importance of maintaining the principles that Hans passed down but also through their continued commitment to manufacturing excellence, secure Ajax’ place for future generations.

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